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Recycle Bin
Recover It
Close It
Hands Off!
Help me!
Clean It!
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Stop The Painful Irritation Associated With The Use of Your Personal Computer

This new feature is presented as a public service by the helpful computer staff at Mind Over Machines Inc.  It will be published here one step at a time.  Each step should move you closer to being able to use your computer without having to rely on "Preparation H" or similar products.

With the ever-changing face of the Microsoft family of operating systems, Windows-specific tips may not apply to your version of Microsoft Windows. Ask your own computer expert, or use your imagination.

  1. ScanDisk is your friend.  Use it often.
  2. Defragment religiously.
  3. Save often, save frequently, save a lot.
  4. Reboot to ensure the mental health of your computer.
  5. Take out the papers and the trash.
  6. May I have that back, please?
  7. Don't walk away, Renee!
  8. If you didn't create it, don't delete it!
  9. Help Me!
  10. A clean computer is a happy computer.
  11. Non-system disk or disk error.  Replace disk, then press any key to reboot.
  12. Fishnose, finder of lost files.
  13. Start, Shutdown, Shutoff.
  14. I've got a new program!
  15. I hate this program!
  16. RAM that memory into your storage system unit (or -- What is he talking about?)
  17. Please pass the Spam!
  18. more to come soon...


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This page last updated on 10/19/2006