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This page o' links contains some of my favorite places to visit in cyberspace. Feel free to drop by and tell them I said hello.

Web sites are bought up, change name, and die so often that I am having trouble keeping this page up to date.  I will keep trying if you keep looking.

Useful Places (computer related)

  • - Download enough software to fill every disk in the country.
  • Internet Reference Desk - find out all kinds of stuff about all kinds of stuff.
  • Lockergnome -- A specialty site devoted to giving computer users a bundle of help.

Useful Places (non-computer)

  • amzn-ylw.gif (3124 bytes) - Great prices, excellent selection.  Why say more!
  • Corporate Accents Unlimited - a broad line of advertising and promotional goodies.
  • Edmund's Car Info - All about buying and leasing new and used cars.  Find out what dealer cost is, check out what options cost.

Cool Places

  • The Exploratorium -- Interactive museum - fascinating!
  • MondoAcres -- Another traveler through time and space in this wacky world of ours.
  • Rookworld -- A fun place to visit.  Check it out!
  • Terraserver - Detailed satellite photos of anywhere on the planet.  Find your house!
  • The Ultimate Taxi -- Web site in a real live high-tech taxi

Silly Places

  • The Fart Line -- America's favorite bodily function
  • And while we're in the area, check out Doodie -- it's excrement!
  • Centre for the Easily Amused - Even more lunacy and fun things than on this site.
  • Red Meat --Visit the visual rambling and great cartoons of the soon-to-be famous Max Cannon

This page last updated: 10/19/06