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Save often, save frequently, save a lot.


Every 5th time you take a breath.  Every time you get up from your chair.   Every time you think of it.  Several times when you don't think of it.   At least every 15 minutes.


If you make a habit of saving your work every 15 minutes, you will only have to redo 15 minutes of work when your computer comes crashing down around you.  (If this hasn't happened yet, it will.  Trust me.)  Some programs even have a feature called "Auto-save".  Guess what that does!


Most programs make it easy for you to save your work.  Familiarize yourself with the rows of picture buttons (icons).  These are your toolbars.  Chances are that one of your toolbars will have a little picture of a floppy disk.  If you click this picture, it will save your work.  Also, if you're not sure which button it is, simply hold your mouse pointer still over the button for about one second.  A little yellow note should pop up.  This note is called a "tool tip", and describes what the button is for.  The button with the picture of the floppy should say "save" if you hold the pointer over it.

If all else fails, or if you like the old-fashioned method, click the File menu, then select Save.  For the die-hard keyboard fans, try using Alt-F, S.

Contrary to popular opinion, saving your files is not the "geek" thing to do.   Even big Information Systems executives save their files.  If you like taking risks, play lotto.  As you leave your desk to go to the corner store to buy your lotto ticket, save your files.



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