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Pass the Spam, please (or how to get 400 useless email messages per day)


When you receive unsolicited commercial email in your inbox.


Somebody somewhere got your email address.  They either got it because you put your email address on a form on somebody's website, you signed up to receive some information by email, or someone is generating random email addresses and got yours right.

What can you do about it?  Let's see...


Don't open it.  Oops, too late!  Well, don't read it!  Darn!  Definitely do not open any attachments or you will most likely be installing something on your computer that you do not want.

Delete it.  Really delete it.  Empty your "trash" folder.  Spray Lysol.  Scrub with Brillo.

Ignore it.  It's not really hurting you unless you open it.

Get a legitimate copy of an anti-spam program.  Spam Killer, Spam Assassin, and a bunch of others will work.  Get ones from a legitimate company.  They work fairly well.  No program will eliminate all spam.  Some will mark legitimate email as spam.  This is the price you pay not to get hundreds of messages clogging up your inbox.

Never, ever, ever click on the "click here to be removed from this list" link at the bottom of the email.  All this does is verify that the spammer has reached a valid email address.  Not only will the junk mail not stop, chances are that you will get more than ever.  The spammer has just sold your name to a person who will resell your email address to people willing to pay for valid email addresses.



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