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Our services are at your disposal.  If you don't see something that looks like it fits your specific needs, contact us.  We can handle it for you!

Computer Consulting
Hardware and software installation and configuration. Networking, training, custom programming, desktop publishing and presentation graphics. Operating systems and general information services configuration. If it has anything to do with computers, call. Mind Over Machines Inc. is also an authorized reseller of computer equipment. We even try to enlighten the user community with our Windows Tips page.   More details? click here...

Audio Engineering
Sound reinforcement and recording studio engineering services. Sound recording facilities, MIDI equipment, computer sequencing, synchronizing to SMPTE and/or video. Digital and analog linear and non-linear editing facilities. CD one-off and mastering. Reseller of MIDI and audio tools, software, hardware, and services. Need to know more? click here...

DVCam, BetaSP, DVD, S-VHS, U-matic, etc., A/B/C roll editing, non-linear digital editing and compositing, digital video effects, audio sweetening and layback, titling, and all kinds of other video stuff. Camera operator, lighting, etc. We also sell non-linear editing software and systems, video related computer equipment, and MPEG encoders.
Want more details? click here...

Our creative staff, under the direction of Dennis Cashton, has been involved in fashion, glamour, and advertising photography for over 30 years.  Film and digital photography with photos delivered in your choice of digital or print formats. We would be happy to give you a quote for your photographic projects. More info? you know...

3D Animation and Rendering
State of the art programs including 3D Studio MAX, Newtek Lightwave 3D, and Hash Animation Master. Animation and rendering to hard copy, DVD, CD-ROM, S-VHS, Beta SP, VHS, and U-matic. We would be happy to sell you a copy of the latest software for rendering and animation, as well as video editing, titling, and other neat stuff like that. More? you know...

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