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Non-system disk or disk error!


Remove the diskette from the drive.


You just turned on your computer, or you are rebooting it.  This horrible, scary message comes on the screen that tells you something like your disk is bad.  Do you panic first, or immediately commit suicide?  How about neither.


So you can get back to work again.  What else?


There is a 99% probability that you have simply left a diskette in your A drive.   Once you pop it out, press ENTER.  Your computer should reboot normally.   If not, turn the power off, count to 15, and turn it back on again.

If you still get the same message, you are having a genuine hardware problem.   Contact your support personnel immediately.  Otherwise, you have saved yourself the embarrassment of having someone show up, pop out your diskette, hit ENTER, and walk away thinking you're a dummy.




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