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If you didn't create it, don't delete it!


When exploring your computer, you may find some files and folders with names you don't recongize.  Don't make them vanish, delete them, or send them to the recycle bin!


I suppose you're old enough that "because I said so" won't work, so I'll try to explain.

First of all, your computer came from the factory with lots of little fiddly-bits on it.  Some of those things are an integral part of the Windows operating system.   If you make them go away, Windows will probably cease to function properly.   It is also possible to delete just the right files and folders so that your computer won't be able to run at all!  Many of the files that have strange names will have been updated recently by Windows and by programs that you run.  So even if you find files dated with today's date, and you're sure they don't belong there, don't delete them. 

There are certain circumstances under which it is acceptable (and even desirable) to make some unknown files go away.  This will be discussed in a future tip.


Simple -- IGNORE THEM!


Every precaution has been taken to insure that the procedures presented here will not cause damage to your computer system.  However, Mind Over Machines Inc. will not be responsible for any damage caused directly or indirectly by any advice and/or procedures given anywhere on this web site.  Likewise, we cannot be responsible for malfunctions caused by defective hardware, or unforeseen problems which arise from use of the standard Microsoft tools.  If problems do arise, we may attempt to assist in the diagnosis and eventual remedy, but cannot be held liable or bound to do so.

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