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I've got a new program!


Put a new program on the computer and make it ready to use.


You just walked down the software aisle at the office mega-store and something caught your eye.  You absolutely need this program that promises to pay your bills, manage your bank accounts, wax your car, and bring peace to all warring nations.  It's only $29.95!  What are you waiting for.  You bring the box to the cashier, pay for it, and bring it home.  Now what?


Here's the hard part - 99.9% of all software sold comes with some sort of instructions.   It usually pays to read them.  Somewhere in the instructions is a section that tells you how to install this program.  You tossed that junk in the garbage along with the plastic shrink wrap, so here's what you do.

If the program is on a CDROM (most are, these days), open your CDROM drive and put it in.  Close the tray on the drive and wait.  A majority of computers are set up with an operating system that will automatically search for an installation program when a new disk is put in the CDROM drive.  Watch what happens.   The program's installation procedure may start automatically.  If it doesn't...

  • Click Start, Settings, Control Panel.  When Control Panel comes up, you will see an icon with the legend Add/Remove Programs.  Double click on it.  The first thing you should see will be a box that says something like "To install a new program from a floppy disk or CD-ROM, click Install" with a button that (strangely enough) says Install on it.  Click this button.
  • The next screen to come up should tell you to put the program's installation disk or CD in the drive and click Next.  Do this.  Windows will then search your floppy drive and CD drive to find an installation program.  When it is located, tell it to continue.  The installation process will now begin.

Okay, so now this thing is running, and it tells you that the program is being installed on your computer.  At one point or another, you will should get a message telling you that installation is complete.  You may be told that your computer must be restarted to complete the installation.  Some programs even have to restart your computer more than once.  In any case, at some point this procedure will finish.   Your program is now installed and ready to use.  You did that just perfectly, didn't you?

There are other ways to install programs, but the bottom line is this:  If the publisher of your software tells you to do something different - DO IT!  Presumably, they have tested their installation procedures many times in many ways, and know what will work for their program (most of the time).


Tip:  If for some reason things don't go as planned, try to read the instructions that came with the program.  If you still get nowhere, call the publisher on the telephone or visit their web site.  Don't be embarassed, they have heard it all before.  It's their job to make sure you are happy with this program so you will tell your friends.





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