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May I have that back, please?


As soon as blood flow returns to your brain after realizing that you deleted something you really needed.


The 100 slide presentation you just flushed down the old cheese-pipe wasn't the one you meant to delete.  Your job, your life, your family, and your pets depend on its safe recovery.  Remember in last week's episode, where we deleted a 40 page report accidentally?  Remember we told you that it isn't really gone until you empty the recycle bin?

As long as you weren't too super-efficient and you haven't emptied the recycle bin since you deleted it, you can get it back.


On the Windows desktop, you will find your recycle bin.  Here's what you do:

  • Double-click on the Recycle Bin on your Windows desktop.  This will show you the contents of your recycle bin.  It's sort of like looking through your garbage, isn't it?  Hold your nose if stuff has been there for a long time.
  • Find the item you have accidentally (or stupidly) deleted.  Click to select.
  • In the Recycle Bin menu, click "File".
  • Be sure this is the file you want back, then click "Restore".
  • The selected file will miraculously be restored to the location it was in before you deleted it.

Return to work secure in the knowledge that the world is safe for yet another millisecond.



Every precaution has been taken to insure that the procedures presented here will not cause damage to your computer system.  However, Mind Over Machines Inc. will not be responsible for any damage caused directly or indirectly by any advice and/or procedures given anywhere on this web site.  Likewise, we cannot be responsible for malfunctions caused by defective hardware, or unforeseen problems which arise from use of the standard Microsoft tools.  If problems do arise, we may attempt to assist in the diagnosis and eventual remedy, but cannot be held liable or bound to do so.

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