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Welcome to the home of Mind Over Machines Inc. - The FishNose Page. Have a look around and see what we've done, and what we can do for you!  If you got here by navigating to www.mind-over-machines.com, you're in the right place!

Please note: This website is undergoing major renovation. Kindly excuse any interruptions in service while changes are being made!

What goes on here?

Have you ever thought you wanted to hook your microwave oven to your computer? Do you want to have your electronic digital piano control your VCR? Would you like a specialized computer system that will edit video, create CDs and start your coffee maker in the morning?  Need some sound recorded, put onto a multimedia CD, and have some video synced to it? If it's electrical, electronic, or can plug into anything else, we can make it happen for you.  If it's creative, artistic, or multi-disciplinary, you have come to the right place!

Areas of Special Note

Concerts, Photography, audio, Video, 3D Graphics, Computers, Lunacy.

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Mind Over Machines Inc. and fishnose.com have been notified that people are receiving deceptive, unsolicited, and sometimes illegal email appearing to originate from fishnose.com.  We do not send mail of this type to anyone.  Many unscrupulous individuals have learned how to "spoof" email addresses to make it look like mail is coming from someone at fishnose.com, or any other legitimate domain name.

If you receive email asking you for personal information, secure identification, or any other type of solicitation, it is in your own best interest to thoroughly examine this email to determine its actual origin.  Most email programs provide a function which allows you to view all message headers.  Contained in the header is information about where the email actually comes from.  Please refer to this detailed information to determine whether or not the email is genuine.  If you require assistance with this, contact your network administrator or other IT professional.  If you still believe that a dangerous email is coming from fishnose.com, please forward it to our staff at info@fishnose.com.

As always, be extremely cautious when you are solicited for personal information.

The following is a quick link to the Jericho High School Class of 1969 site.

Contact Information

Hey, if anything here grabs your interest, don't hesitate to contact us. We're in the business of making things work for people, and having fun doing it!

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