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Computing Services

Consulting, custom programming, planning, instruction, site management, networking. You name it, it's been done by Mind Over Machines. We also configure and sell systems and total solutions to the small and medium sized specialty businesses.

Why Use Mind Over Machines

[Bullet] Over 30 years experience in all aspects of computing, from mainframes to PC's to dedicated controllers.
[Bullet] Total solution management. We don't just look at the narrow picture, we try to solve the entire problem.
[Bullet] Whether it's hardware, software, or education and training, we can make a solution that works for you.


Custom Programming
Pick a platform, pick a language, or just describe the need. We'll develop a plan together, find the right solution to your problem, and make it work. Any flavor of Windows or DOS, special hardware, or communications capabilities -- we can do it. Just ask!
Not quite sure what to do about your particular situation. If it has anything to do with computers, we can work out a reasonable approach that fits your needs and your budget.
If it involves an intranet, or the Internet, we can get you hooked up and working. Need web authoring, file sharing, client/server applications, or other network solutions? That's why we're here.
Hardware and software sales to fit your needs. We will configure systems to meet your exact criteria, not just sell you what's readily available (unless that's what you need). Specialized hardware and software are no problem. Servers, workstations, peripherals, accessories, and upgrades -- whatever it is, it's yours at competitive prices.
Direct user support through the use of hotline information, customized newsletters, and online tips.
Over 20 years of training experience. Whether you need training with office applications like word processing and spreadsheets, or more advanced applications like publishing, graphics, or animation -- we can train you. One-on-one, group training, or distance learning -- just call or download our training brochure (Adobe PDF format).
Recent Projects
Designed and implemented a new server room for a financial institution.  Six servers, switches, routers, and a firewall were installed.  A new wireless networking access point was added to the system.
Moving a mid-sized corporation to its new headquarters, coordinating wiring, networking, and getting the existing network moved intact.  Installing and configuring new hubs and switches, as well as migrating to a full rack-mount server room with over 150 patch points, dedicated power and air conditioning.  Installing new network printers, and reconfiguring all users for the new network.   More real stuff like that... sound familiar? Contact us.


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