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Yes, there's always some audio happening around here. Professional and pro-sumer audio equipment is always taking up too much rack space. Microphones, mixers, outboard gear, recorders and MIDI equipment are all over the place. We have produced commercial releases, demos, audio for multimedia and video, as well as lots of assorted other audio stuff.

Production and MIDI Studio
Featured audio products include AKG, Sony, and Audio Technica microphones; Mackie and Seck mixers, Alesis, Ibanez, Digitech and Behringer outboard gear; direct-to-workstation recording, ADAT-XT's with BRC; Alesis MasterLink, Sony, Akai, Tascam, and Fostex decks; Kurzweil, Korg, Roland, Yamaha, E-mu, and Oberheim MIDI gear; Tannoy and Urei monitors. Master to DAT, open reel; cassette and CD or DVD.
Post Production and Editing
Digital non-linear editing software and hardware facility, sync anything to anything (including MIDI clock, MTC, video clock, SMPTE: LTC, and VITC). Lots of sounds, samples, and effects.
Professional Audio Hardware/Software
Mind Over Machines also sells computer software and hardware for the production and editing of audio. If you need Cakewalk Sonar, Sound Forge and add-ons, software plug-ins, digital and analog i/o cards for your computer; just ask!  We also offer consultations to tailor hardware and software to your individual needs.
What we do and don't do!
We do not compete with Best Buy, Circuit City, J & R Music World, or other large retail and direct-mail distributors.  If it is consumer or pro-sumer electronics, and you can buy it through a catalog or warehouse store, we cannot and will not compete.  If it is specialized hardware or software that you need training, expertise, or compatibility help with, we can assist you and sell you what you need.  We can train you, we can help you select the proper tool, we can set it up for you.


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