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Yeah, video is an integral part of what goes on around here. Pro-sumer, industrial video, and state-of-the-art professional equipment litter the premises. Cameras, S-VHS, DVCAM, and BetaSP camcorders, video switchers, character generators, edit controllers, and non-linear video editing systems live here. To date, we have worked on many short form video productions, commercials, and independent videos.

What's going on now
Production completed on a Hurricane Katrina benefit video.  Lots of images set to a music bed.  Another short-deadline project delivered in time for a special benefit concert.  All labor and materials were donated to this charitable event.
Finally completed a special exhibit for a local museum, encompassing computer video servers, specialized microprocessor controllers, scary macro programming, and lots of high end equipment.
Just finished work on an industrial training DVD.  This was a tight-deadline project including extensive voice-over work, hundreds of video edits, hundreds of titles, supers, and cutaways, and tons of complications along the way.  The project came off on schedule and under budget.
Completed a 3 camera remote shoot for an industrial client.  Ran about 2 miles of extension cords at the client's location so as not to overload any one circuit with all the lighting gear.  After shooting 4 hours of tape, editing it down to 20 minutes, and adding music tracks, 3D animation, and some layered effects, the client was very happy.
Video Production
Sony, Ikegami, and Panasonic cameras, capture direct to computer, DV, DVCam, Betacam SP, S-VHS, or U-matic. Sony SEG video switcher/effects, chroma keyer, and wipe expander. Full lighting and sound recording capabilities.
Post Production
Featuring products from Pinnacle, Adobe, Canopus, In:sync, Chyron, MidiMan, Hotronic, MOTU, Sony, Panasonic, and JVC. Sony edit controller or non-linear digital on computer. Editing can happen in DV, DVCam, S-VHS, VHS, U-matic, Beta, M-II, or gorgonzola cheese (just checking to see if you're paying attention).
We are dealers for computer software and hardware for video production and post-production. Canopus, Matrox, and Pinnacle Video products, Adobe Premiere and After Effects. New products are coming out all the time (you knew that), so if you need to do something but you're not sure how, contact us!
What we do and don't do!
We do not compete with Best Buy, Circuit City, J & R Music World, or other large retail and direct-mail distributors.  If it is consumer or pro-sumer electronics, and you can buy it through a catalog or warehouse store, we cannot and will not compete.  If it is specialized hardware or software that you need training, expertise, or compatibility help with, we can assist you and sell you what you need.  We can train you, we can help you select the proper tool, we can set it up for you.

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