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People I've always wanted to work with, whose music and artistry I respect, and I finally got to do it!

I will try to explain why.  (Please be patient, I will add descriptions as I am able)

Karla Bonoff
David Bromberg
Ever since I first heard David Bromberg play (probably about 30 years ago), I couldn't get enough of him.  The stories he tells with his music, and his talent as a performer are incredible.  Whenever I hear him play, I must stop whatever I'm doing and listen.  It was a major disappointment for me that he had (mostly) given up performing.  So when I got a call a couple of years ago to ask me if I wanted to mix monitors for his 50th birthday show, I almost burst.  He decided to do one big show at a large popular club in New York City.  However, the night before this big show, he did a "preview" show at Town Hall in New York City.  This is the show I got to mix.  Town Hall is a beautiful place to see just about anything, but it has a very shallow stage.  From front to back it's probably less than 15 feet deep.   So when David Bromberg and his band showed up with about 8 or 10 musicians and lots of equipment on stage, it was a bit tight.  Add to that the fact that I had to mix monitors from on stage just behind the speaker stacks, it made for a very crowded scene indeed.  But it was a great show, and a night I will never forget.
Arlo Guthrie
What can I say about Arlo?  I've worked with him about a dozen times now, and each time is just as enjoyable as the last.  Another one of my childhood heroes from the same days as Janis Ian, David Bromberg, etc., Arlo is a genuine human being.  I'm not pretending to be an old family buddy or anything like that, but certain people are the same backstage as they are on stage.  I've had the good fortune to be able to mix front of house and monitors for him, his son Abe, and his daughter Sarah.  There is an abundance of musical talent in that family.  The combination of his story telling ability, his unique songwriting, and his musicianship are outstanding.  He's one of the few performers who are more concerned with their performance than they are with the technical aspects of being on stage.  As long as he can hear himself well enough to perform, Arlo seems happy.  Back in the 60's, I never dreamed that I would ever meet the "Alice's Restaurant" guy face to face, let alone mix for him.  It's been a real experience every time.
Janis Ian
I grew up with Janis Ian.  Not in the same neighborhood, but at the same time.   I think maybe she's a year or two older than I am, but I vividly recall being mesmerized by her first LP (remember them?).  She's another artist that is a talented performer whose songs have a lot to say.  Her rise to fame and stardom was quite something to see, and I never dreamed that  I would ever get to work with her.   When I saw her name added to the schedule at IMAC I got quite excited.  Of course I immediately signed up to do the show.  As it turned out, it was fairly simple, just her and her guitar, and I got to mix both house and monitors for her.   It was an honor and a privilege to be able to work with her.
Dr. John
The man is a legend among fans and among musicians.  He has appeared on so many other artists' recordings that I lost track.  He's been around the world with his music, and there is nobody else that sounds anything like him.  I first heard his music as a teenager, never dreaming that one day I would actually mix sound for him.  I have mixed monitors for Mac on many occasions, and I even mixed front of house for him one night at IMAC.  He is a consummate professional as a musician, and he's quite a personable and amicable character as well.  Besides, he's real cool!
Al Kooper
Another guy that defines the word "cool" is Al Kooper.  Since I first heard "I stand alone" back in the 60's, his musical talent has been drawing me in.  I never get tired of hearing his performances.  So naturally, when I had the opportunity to mix sound for him, it was quite an experience.  He did a little bit of everything, old and new.  The show was incredible, and I will never forget it.  I look forward to the possibility of working with him again.
Leo Kottke
John Mayall
Laura Nyro
The first time I heard Laura Nyro was at a friend's house.  He put on the "New York Tendaberry" album, and I sat transfixed on the floor listening to that amazing voice.  When I found out that I would be mixing a Laura Nyro concert, I thought I was too much of a professional to get excited.  Nah... who was I kidding -- I was very excited, indeed.  I hate to keep repeating myself, but unless you had the great fortune to see her in concert, you didn't get the real experience.  Even as late in her career as it was, she was a true professional.  Very quiet and reserved offstage, sincerely humble, and very sweet to a sound guy who was a bit star struck.  The concert was great, of course, and she was gracious enough to sign autographs for everyone.   After the show, she left as quietly as she had arrived.  Just thinking back on that experience as I write this brings back all the memories of that evening.  She will be sorely missed.
Tom Paxton
Todd Rundgren
Livingston Taylor
The first concert I ever attended was Livingston Taylor.  I was just out of high school and had already become familiar with his singing and songwriting.  A friend told me that he was appearing at a local high school, and I jumped at the chance.   The first time I actually got to work with Livingston, I experienced the same thrill that I had back at that first concert at the high school.  Some musicians are good at what they do, and some are good performers.  Livingston Taylor is a master of both.  Maybe I appreciated his music more because I saw him in concert, but his live performance is much more than you can ever get from a recording.  I have been lucky to work with him about a half dozen times or so, and each time has been as good as the one before.  He is a talented man and a great entertainer.
Loudon Wainwright III
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